Manicures and Pedicures

OPI Professional nail care range is used for all nail treatments giving perfect vibrant nails, or soft subtle tones depending on your preference.


20 min   £15.00File & Varnish 
Re-shape nails and coat in a colour of your choice. 
30 min   £18.00Manicure with Nail Envy Strengthener
For weak, damaged nails. Strengthens with wheat protein and calcium. For harder, longer, stronger nails to envy!
45 min   £24.00Full Manicure with Varnish
A full manicure to treat every part of your hands. Includes filing, cuticle work, a relaxing hand and arm massage and an O.P.I Varnish to finish.
60 min   £28.00Luxury Paraffin Manicure
Paraffin is a mixture of wax and oils that lock moisture into your hands. The heated wax allows better circulation, as well as relief from dryness, eczema and arthritis. Perfect for winter months. 


20 min   £15.00File & Varnish
Choose an O.P.I lacquer to compliment your perfectly shaped toenails.
45 min   £27.00Pedicure with Nail Envy Strengthener
For an added strength and shine to the nails, 
60 min   £32.00Full Pedicure with Varnish
A full pedicure to treat hard working feet. Includes filing, cuticle work, removal of hard skin, exfoliation, a relaxing leg and foot massage and an O.P.I Varnish to finish.
75 min   £38.00Luxury Paraffin Pedicure
The heat helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles, the oils that are in the paraffin penetrate your skin, leaving it smooth and protected.

Callus Treatment  
The treatment targets the hard skin/calluses on your feet, using skin softening patches, the feet are then scraped and buffed and the hard skin filed away leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised.
   £25.00Single Treatment
   £15.00Added to pedicure